ShopHer Media enlists a network of influencers to infuse your  product or service into their own custom content. This measurable distribution model utilizes our social influencers across multiple platforms to generate awareness around your brand messaging with a guaranteed number of participating influencers, unique blog posts, and content impressions.
We track and report on clicks, impressions, leads, and social activity for each piece of content across multiple channels to make sure your brand’s goals and needs are met.
All campaigns are managed by a dedicated team with over 60 years of combined experience to closely monitor all placements ensuring proper messaging, restrictions, and campaign guidelines are met.


Connect with the highest quality influencers, social media makers, writers, and everyday women who are eager to endorse your brand!  We take time to understand your target audience and goals to have our influencers create authentic, targeted content that generates the best results.


All custom content campaigns are managed by a dedicated team with over 60 years of combined experience closely monitoring all placements to ensure proper messaging, restrictions, and campaign guidelines are met while utilizing the latest trends and styles in blogging and social media. Content creation can range from short-form to long-form while also being shopper focused and designed to create a conversation.


Make your brand stand out by utilizing the power of authentic custom video content. Our influencers incorporate your product of service into their video content in an authentic way that resonates with their audience and promotes brand messaging resulting in higher view through rates and engagements.


Video content is distributed via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social channels, all of which can be amplified to reach an even larger audience.


Share the latest trend in video content with original, viral videos ranging from creative recipes, beauty tutorials, crafting and more; which can be shot in the overhead or tutorial style. These videos naturally integrate a product or brand to make them the main-focus of the video and reach an extremely engaged audience. Videos are distributed through our influencers’ websites as well as their viral social pages on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to reach millions of potential customers.


We work with clients on their campaigns from a full 360-degree approach focusing on everything from creative planning to distribution, and everything in between. All videos are created with proven methods to increase reach, engagement, buzz, and brand awareness.