5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Works

1. It Delivers ROI for Marketers:

When done properly marketers can quantify the full value of influencer marketing programs from incremental return: brand lift, sales lift, or channel lift, as well as, money saved by way of reduced investment: time savings, creative savings, media savings, content savings, and software savings.


2. Influencers Create Credible, Trustworthy Content:

When influencers promote your product, it shows their trust in your brand. When customers believe in your brand, they become loyal to your company and subsequently become influencers for your product.


3. Increase Branding and Awareness:

One of the most crucial influencer marketing goals a brand should focus on is to increase their brand awareness. People usually convert into your customers when they begin to recognize and see your brand being endorsed by trustworthy friends and family.


4. Ability to Leveraging Influencer Generated Content (IGC):

IGC is organically created and shared by your brand’s influencers. When you collaborate with these influencers, they will produce quality content assets for your brand at a fraction of the price of a creative agency.


5. Ability to SmartBoost Your Content and Create Retargeting Audiences:

Part of an effective influencer marketing strategy needs to include content amplification to combat low reach and content fatigue.  With paid media amplification, it becomes much easier to measure, scale and even optimize your campaigns.


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