ShopHer Media lifts brand and retailer sales by activating shopper marketing initiatives to engage the customer. Our distribution platform of shopper influencers guides consumers on the path to purchase, resulting in direct sales lift. Results are measurable and can be tracked from initial media engagement through point-of-sale.


Contextually target your media across retail specific influencer sites and channels to capture consumers along the path-to-purchase.


We deliver hundreds of thousands of coupons prints a month!  Let our 60+ years of experience help build your next digital coupon program.  We utilize the latest shopper marketing trends for CPG brands and Shopper Marketing Agencies creating seamless digital coupons and mobile experiences using the best shopper marketing strategies.
  • Build and deliver seamless mobile and print at home coupons.
  • We use innovative digital coupon management systems to produce higher click-through, conversion and most importantly redemption rates.
  • Provide your customers with a positive experience to build better brand loyalty through the use of high value coupons.
  • Create buzz online with social coupons by allowing your customers to share your coupons with friends and family, driving increased traffic and redemptions to your digital coupon.


Guide shoppers along the path-to-purchase by unlocking audience needs and focusing on a shopper’s purchase intent by placing digital media directly on influencer driven sites where users are pre-trip planning and ready to buy. This solution helps brands target shopper audiences with content experiences tied to actual purchases.