Chili’s Case Study

Chili’s Case Study

About this project


In order to increase their social presence, Chili’s offered a free appetizer or dessert to potential and existing customers that “Like” the restaurant social media page.


ShopHer Media used performance-based strategies across our social shopper platform to generate buzz and create a call to action that results in a free appetizer or dessert. ShopHer Media enabled Chili’s to maximize consumer reach, increase purchase opportunities and create social media awareness at a significantly lower costs than traditional (CPM) branding methods.


ShopHer Media helped rocket Chili’s social media presence while achieving 100% SOV and exceeded clients KPI’s.

  • Campaign Reach – Generated over 75,000 thousand of new “Likes” at a 29% conversion rate, while creating tens of thousands new in-store purchase opportunities.

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Client:  Chili's