4 Elements of a Successful Influencer-Generated Content Campaign

May 9, 2019

Educated brands are using influencer-generated content across all their marketing channels by mixing this content across email, product-display pages, and advertising campaigns and is an influencer marketing trend to watch for in 2019. This tactic helps maintain an authentic and consistent brand appearance across all channels, so the audience is receiving a familiar but tailored experience for the channel they’re using.

With the help of influencer-generated content, companies are getting a new chance to engage with a larger consumer pool in order to get their brand’s message out. The efficacy of traditional marketing campaigns is waning and consumers are now much more likely to trust the opinion of a social media personality than ever before.

Organizing an influencer marketing strategy can be tricky, so pay attention to these top suggestions for what to look for in a successful influencer-generated content campaign.


1. Quality Influencer-Generated Content

The most important part of an influencer marketing campaign is obviously going to be the content created because it will be carefully designed to target a specific audience of consumers. An influencer’s followers will generally be a focused, specific group with the appropriate demographic particulars for appreciating your brand.

Typically an influencer will have a specialty in a specific sector of the consumer market (beauty products or fashion and style being two examples), so you know your brand’s message is reaching just the right group of customers. Combining the right target audience with your influencer’s passion to please their followers, the content of your influencer’s social media output will be unique and authentic.

The great thing about high-quality influencer-generated content is that it can be repurposed and reused to the benefit of your brand’s future marketing, giving you the chance to utilize truly evergreen content.

Take this post from Katelyn Jones, Katelyn’s audience consists of 64% married couples and 25% parents.  She did a sponsored post for @shoppinkblush a fashion brand for expecting mom’s and beyond two weeks before her due date and it did awesomely! This post garnered over 2,800 likes and 100+ comments for the brand in less than one day.  Now, @shoppinkblush can repurpose this content on their own social pages, website and other promotional collateral.

When this focused, quality influencer-generated content is targeted to the right audience, your brand ends up with the best possible visibility, engagement and ultimately sales.


2. Brand Alignment and Brand Affinity

Aligning your goals, values, and missions with the right influencers are crucial for executing a successful influencer marketing campaign and starting an influencer program with your brand’s values as the foundation makes the difference between a win and a flop.

Choosing influencers that believe in your brand means that they would recommend them to their audience which comes off more authentic.

Brands should be thorough when selecting influencers and review influencer content and brand affinity carefully to ensure a potential influencer partner aligns well with your brand.



3. Trust – It Builds Better Influencer-Generated Content

You’ve gotten as far as researching and vetting your new influencers, now comes the next important element… trust. Trust is vital to an ROI-driven influencer marketing campaign, and this should be top of mind as you are selecting influencers. Seventy-seven percent of influencers value creative freedom as the most important factor in their relationship and partnership with a brand.

Work on maintaining a level of respect and trust throughout the process. A lack of respect or trust can, unfortunately, leave its mark on influencer content and affect its performance, and your influencer’s creativity.


4. Tracking

Your influencer-generated content will require tracking so that you can manage which influencer provided the most attractive and effective marketing campaign content. An important part of a successful influencer marketing campaign is keeping track of important data, and there are tools that will help you keep track of these details.

There are various metrics that, when kept track of, will help your company make the best decisions moving forward. Keeping track of opt-ins and follows will reveal how much of an audience your influencer is building on behalf of your brand. Website traffic, page views, and mentions on social media are good signs of brand awareness.

Google UTM parameter can help you create tracking links and use precise tags for each campaign, which will help you measure the return on your investment for each campaign. These tracking links provide you with analytical data, bringing the efficiency of your campaign into greater focus.

Another great method for tracking the effectiveness of your influencer-generated content is to use coupon codes, a specific code designated to each influencer. These will allow you to track which influencers are really hitting the mark for your brand.

Likes, shares, and comments also provide a sort of metric, commonly known as cost per engagement (CPE). CPE is generally calculated by comparing your campaign budget to the number of engagements received in likes and comments on your influencer-generated content. Software programs are the easiest way to determine your CPE.



A successful influencer-generated content campaign will provide your brand with social media content that does not feel like advertising. It will feel unbiased and authentic, as though it were a recommendation made by a trusted friend. Remembering to incorporate all of the successful elements of an influencer-generated content campaign is the key to getting this end result.

Gathering the elements of such a campaign comes down to choosing an influencer who will bring your brand’s message to the right people. Their content will resonate with their consumer audience, providing your campaign with both quality content and an audience highly-attuned to appreciating the benefits of the product you are promoting. Your influencer will match with the values of your brand.

And don’t forget to keep track of the various measures of your campaign. Successful campaigns can carry on into the future, so keeping track of various elements and influencers via various tracking methods and tools is essential to the future of your marketing campaign choices.


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