Benefits That Come From Working With an Influencer Agency

January 31, 2019

As many marketers’ influencer campaign budgets increase this year, it is worth noting just how consistently the influencer market is helping brands reach their best possible audience. Once upon a time, it was search engine results and banner ads that seeded marketing, but considering that trust in influencer opinion has skyrocketed in the past few years (more than trust in celebrities in fact!), here are some reasons why you should consider working with an influencer marketing agency.


1. Save Your Time and Money in the Search for the Best Influencers


You need a cost-effective strategy for reaching your target consumer pool. Working with an influencer marketing agency can help you achieve this goal.


Many companies that use influencer marketing agencies are fortune large and small and if your company falls into one of these categories, you may still be featuring a brand that needs exposure. You can choose to either approach the influencer marketing option independently, handling all talent identification, campaign management, reporting… yourself from start to finish, or you may choose to work with an influencer marketing agency to get your firm successfully through the process successfully reaching your campaign objectives.


We know why influencer marketing works but carrying out an entire campaign from start to finish on your own is certainly possible, the process involves both elements of campaign selection, management, fraud detection, and reporting. This strategy might be time-consuming, requiring a steep learning curve, especially if you are inexperienced at selecting influencers for your marketing purposes. You will need to spend time establishing relationships with influencers, a hit or miss process of discovering what will work optimally for your campaign. In general, it takes labor hours for a campaign with ten influencers around 110 working hours averaging around $4k in working hour operational costs alone.


Another increasingly popular option is to work with an influencer marketing agency to carry out your campaign. Influencer campaigns require resources, especially time, to plan, organize and execute. Working with an influencer marketing agency relieves your firm from having to reroute resources to finding writers, photographer and other types of specialized talent.


An influencer marketing agency will dedicate their time and resources from start to finish: from determining the timeline of the campaign, developing creative content and managing content production, and finding the most suitable influencers to get the word out about your product or service.


Communication with influencers can be time-consuming and is another task taken care of by the agency. It is a process they have experience with that allows for more precise and sophisticated choices regarding your campaign.


Simply put, an influencer marketing agency will gather all the necessary components of a successful marketing campaign they have at their disposal.  The complete management of your campaign will save your company the time and expense of the significant learning curve involved in influencer marketing, leaving your team more time to focus on other tasks and likely saving you money, and worry, in the long run.


Influencer Agency



2. You Get the Best of Influencer Marketing Agency Knowledge and Experience


You want the response to your marketing campaign to be authentic, or what’s the point? An influencer marketing agency can help get out your brand’s unique voice, at a high level of quality, all while constantly managing and supervising your influencers’ activity.


It can be a long process to discover which niches in influencer marketing will bring the best results, so working with an influencer marketing agency is key. Established influencer marketing agencies have experience vetting influencers, scheduling campaigns properly, and delivering your campaign in the most impactful way. Using this experience and the relationships they have developed with influencers over time, influencer marketing agencies have the knowledge to plan the most strategic marketing campaign possible. Your brand deserves thoughtful quality influencer selection, and that’s what influencer marketing agencies can provide.


Depending on the nature of your company, an influencer marketing agency can effectively walk you through the online labyrinth of marketing niches, content and style choices, and platforms.


Choosing an agency with good relationships to both macro- and micro-influencers is an important part of the strategy. They may use influencers with a large reach, or with a smaller one, but remember, smaller in the audience isn’t necessarily a bad thing – quite often those smaller audiences are higher in quality of engagement and revenue-producing activity.


With considerable experience, the agency you choose can quickly zero in on the right path for your campaign. They will match their clients expertly with hand-picked influencers, to ensure maximum results, weeding out fraudulent influencers who have “fake” followers and comments. Their established good sense of which influencers have the best audience to match your brand’s target market will allow them to maximize your brand’s exposure in a beneficial way.


It is also worth noting that a good influencer marketing agency will not only use influencers to promote your brand, but they will choose the best social media platforms to exploit as well. Knowledgeable agencies will combine the best of both influencer and social media platform worlds.


3. Relationships are the Key


An influencer marketing agency can synthesize the best of both worlds– growing a good relationship with a firm and its influencers at the same time, allowing for the capabilities of both brand and influencer to be put to optimal use! This makes creating content for your campaigns much more efficient. You don’t only want your customers to genuinely understand and appreciate your product or service, but the influencers as well. These are relationships in which brand, influencer, and consumers all benefit!


The effectiveness of an agency’s campaign will be strongly determined by the strength of the relationships with their influencers. Remember, influencers are busy these days, making trust and efficiency a must with the agencies they work with. Over time an influencer marketing agency will treat your continued brand campaigning as though they were refining a successful recipe: tweaking influencer participation to for maximum results and communicating with influencers regarding various marketing tactics, resulting in high-performing brand content over time.


4. Continue to Grow and Refine your Marketing Campaign Over Time


Consistency can often be key to taking advantage of creating positive consumer experiences and working with an influencer marketing agency can help you avoid duplicate campaign approaches, while at the same time helping your brand to build a relationship with specific influencers for the long run.


Results are what you want, so a key advantage of working with an influencer marketing agency is the ability to get an overarching explanation and breakdown of the results of your campaign. They can help you thoroughly understand your brand’s growth, which target audiences might work best in future campaigns, and help you understand and work with your strengths and weaknesses.


These agencies will also be capable of providing you with an evaluation of results regarding your campaign, an important element of strategizing the continued growth and marketability of your brand. They will explain and elaborate on the details regarding your campaign budget, as well as the return on your campaign investment. It is not unusual for an influencer marketing campaign to produce revenues of $6.50 for each dollar spent on the campaign itself, making it one of the most cost-effective methods of obtaining new customers.


An experienced, knowledgeable and reputable influencer marketing agency can get you the results you desire. In the long term, this means creating good quality evergreen content that will continue to carry your brand’s message forward for a long time to come.


As of 2017, the influencer marketing industry was worth about $2 billion and is expected to increase to as much as $10 billion by 2020! This means that influencer marketing is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of any company’s marketing toolkit.


As a brand wanting to expand, the plethora of options when deciding which influencer marketing agency to go with should be carefully considered. While investigating making an influencer marketing agency a part of your company’s marketing strategy, you will get the chance to discover what specialties each agency works in and to evaluate the kinds of relationships and results that can be expected once in partnership with them.